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There seems to be a tension between the Jewish mitzvah (commandment) concerning marriage (and subsequently being fruitful), and the concept of love (specifically romantic love, as defined in terms of western thought and literature). In times and places where arranged marriages are/were the norm, this was not a concern, but in modern day America, it seems to be a live issue. Is it the view of Judaism that it is more important to marry to fulfill the commandment - even if one does not love that mate, or should one not marry without love even though the mitzvah seems clear that it is obligatory? What does Judaism say, not only halachically (in Jewish law), but ethically and in terms of Jewish values?

Click here for a(n) Orthodox answer by Rabbi Yaakov Bieler
Click here for a(n) Conservative answer by Rabbi Dr. Michael Leo Samuel
Click here for a(n) Reform answer by Rabbi Holly Cohn