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Did you ever want to know what the Jewish view is on the afterworld? What God expects of you? How long to keep someone on life support? What your obligations are to the Jewish and secular communities?
Some of the most respected Conservative, Orthodox and Reform rabbis now offer their perspectives on such challenging questions here, at JewishValuesOnline. When responding to your questions, our rabbis draw upon Judaism’s time honored wisdom that touches all aspects of life today.
You can search through the existing database of questions and articles or submit a question of your own. We provide information from all three denominations in a timely manner. Questions and answers of general interest may be posted to spark ongoing comments and dialogue after personal information is removed. (Note: JewishValuesOnline is not a counseling service.)
Modern life moves at a fast clip, leaving little time to ponder life’s questions. Here you can push the pause button, take a deep breath and bring Jewish perspectives to your life.