Origins -
Stuart Brafman, founder of Jewish Values Online got the idea for the site when his aged mother-in-law was hospitalized with acute Alzheimer’s disease, and his wife was faced with a difficult end of life decision. Brafman’s wife, Lotta, who was raised Reform but was not particularly observant. Having been acquainted with the Jewish practices of mourning, she gained respect for their logic and psychological value. Therefore, she wanted to consider what Judaism had to say about her dilemma. She consulted a Modern Orthodox rabbi, who gave her the information she needed to make a decision. Following Jewish law, gave her great comfort while managing her mother’s condition and when her mother passed away.
Brafman then realized that Jews, regardless of their religiosity, should have access to information about Jewish values, ethics and morals, especially when confronted with important life decisions. He founded to help Jews of all denominations and levels of observance bring Jewish values into their lives. Visitors to the site, which was launched in June 2010, may pose questions on various topics of Jewish ethical and moral concern that are answered from an Orthodox, Reform and Conservative perspective.